Rocketbolts Mounting Hardware
Rocketbolts Mounting Hardware
Rocketbolts Mounting Hardware
Rocketbolts Mounting Hardware

Rocketbolts Mounting Hardware

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Only one tool needed for installation... Please enjoy this instructional video.

Take your skateboard deck and truck security to "tighter" levels, with our space age designed, Rocket Bolts.

No more loose trucks and damaged baseplates from hardware that gets loose over time. Loose bolts wobble and cause mounting holes to widen which makes it even harder to keep bolts tight.

Our Star-shaped head is flat underneath and not countersunk, staying tighter and helps prevent over-tightening. Vertical fins on the bolt shaft lock-into the deck, providing more stability and eliminate loose bolt wobble. This prolongs deck life and makes removing your trucks a breeze.

Each Set Includes:

(8) 1" Rocket Bolts and (8) Nuts in reusable retro-style tin box and sticker.


Customer Reviews

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Xavier Puntes Ibañez
Awesome! 5 stars

Awesome invention! Are good! Very happy with it!

Great bolts!

These are exactly what you've been wanting. The star top looks dope and the bolts stay in place. Great concept and execution. I won't be buying any other bolts from now on.

These work perfectly with DKL grip tape. They can mount flush without bulging the grip tape around the bolt heads.

Tip for install: Push them through by hand to where they're protruded through enough to put a nut on with the truck. Tighten from there. If you try to push them all the way through you might damage the ply on the bottom.

Pat B
Grind king rocket bolt review

Grind king hardware (4 stars) Very difficult for young people to install, great design, rounded ends for ease of entry, I had to hammer mine in a circular pattern so as not to push the plys out the bottom of the board I found it difficult to install these things and I’m a 50 year old handyman that said once they were flushmounted they’re pretty amazing and quite stylish looking. If you’ve got a little construction, home improvement experience you won’t have any problem with these but if you Our inept at using tools I would definitely not recommend this hardware. Once they’re installed you will never need a screwdriver or Allen again and it will be very difficult for them to pull through the board as you retighten your trucks.

Pretty Clean

This is something i really need for my grind-king trucks, i wont have to worry about using more than one tool. I was wondering if there's a way to clean my inverted kingpin?