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Inverted Kingpin Replacement 2-Pack // Original Old Stock

Inverted Kingpin Replacement 2-Pack // Original Old Stock

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Deep inside our warehouse from our Secret Stash of goods, we have original production Grind King Inverted Kingpins. Yes, the ones from the past that your grand dad told you stories about.

- Strongest Made, Aircraft Alloy Steel
- Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Comes with (2) Kingpins and an Allen Key Wrench for adjustments. 

Fits All Truck Brands. But... Installation is different with each model and may take some DIY ingenuity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Please make more please ! I can’t find any !

Are used to ride these when I was manager of a skate shop and I love them. I’m now skating again and it says you are out of them. Please don’t stop making these you can lose the bridge bolts. Those were never very they always pulled on one side and they never went fully flat, it was a good idea but it just never worked out, correctly.
Your grind king king pins are a thing of legend !
I was making more or get a distributing deal with the big companies which I’m sure you’ve already done.
Good luck man. We love GRIND KING , you are a legend in the Skate community. Your place in history is cemented. No pun intended. Lmfao.
Take care brother.

Catherine Russell
Love em

I've been using these king pins forever and I pop out every other king pin and pop the old ones in I even have a kreeper set lol but yea for long time been hunting these down

Johnny Carter
Best, kingpin for any skateboard truck.

This is the original design, this one will not break and has been used in many different trucks for years, 1988- till.

Jack Hoban
Awesome kingpins!

Grind clearance for days!

I can never ride anything else but inverted kingpins.

Even if I have some other trucks, I swap the kingpin for these. I don't like grinding axle.