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DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

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Grind King’s return to skateboarding has arrived, introducing The Disruptor.

An updated design offering the lowest kingpin clearance with the classic Grind King inverted kingpin design.

This truck will take your grinds to the next level by providing smoother and longer grinds without kingpin hang ups.

The curved edge on the inside baseplate will help keep your board from breaking.

Inverted Kingpin Technology with a built-in washer / bushing system. Soft to Medium Bushings Installed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
carolus andrews
best trucks i ever had

i have has the same grind king trucks for 23 years and they have been absolutely unmatched. sure they have taken a hell of a beating over the years, but have never let me down, sure i had to replace the bushings and the pivot cups, but all in all awesome.
back then, they actually came with a life long guarantee. sadly my board got stolen, so i am back to get another pair of grind king truck. I hope they are as good as they were back then!


DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

Kyle Monaghan

Im still patiently waiting to receive my grind king trucks

Christopher McDermott

DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

Kris Pollhammer
Best trucks, so far so good, happy 👌

I had originally ordered a black set wider than needed for my 8.0 board planning ahead to set up a 8.25. I was eager to try them out, but knew would be way to stable and feeling extra stiff so didn't want to review till more of a proper set up with trucks. Regardless I was quite satisfied with results and trused instincts and ordered set of the silver and black for the 8.0 baord.
I can say the disrupter trucks definitely bring me back with riding an old handy down pair of gk6 camo trucks years ago. loved them then and honestly feeling so much better with the fresh pair of grind king trucks, the right size for the 8.0 makes all the difference. The trucks have awesome carve and good stable ride
The trucks bushings or pivot cups are a little bit squeaky but much less on the silver pair FYI In my experience at least, but not really a bother to myself. Gk's are a bit of a taller truck so im balancing it out with smaller wheels, Even less chances of wheel bite! Over all its a plus, and nice because they can accommodate larger wheels without risers. Happy your back, bummer I'd missed out for the spark trucks. Maybe kreper trucks still on the way?