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DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

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Grind King’s return to skateboarding has arrived, introducing The Disruptor.

An updated design offering the lowest kingpin clearance with the classic Grind King inverted kingpin design.

This truck will take your grinds to the next level by providing smoother and longer grinds without kingpin hang ups.

The curved edge on the inside baseplate will help keep your board from breaking.

Inverted Kingpin Technology with a built-in washer / bushing system. Soft to Medium Bushings Installed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dirty Bay Coalition
What can I say it’s Grind king!

Although I received my first set from TGM with a defect just slightly keeping the bearing from sliding on, Grind King sent out a new set though I said I’d file down the issue. Grind King takes care of their customers for sure and I will always do business with them. Happy they are back! Threw the new set on a second deck so now I have options! Would like to see a set of trucks come out for boards 9” to 10” wide with the shaped decks making a come back.

Owen Michael
Raw disruptors

Trucks are so sick. Turn better and break in faster than Indy’s. Bushing are perfect. Tried aces too recently and bushings blew out before I could even skate it to my tightness, and I skate pretty loose trucks. Grind king forever.

Johnny Carter
Best trucks ever made.

The innovation is incredible. They do everything a normal truck does and more. The turn is excellent. The flipability is excellent. This might be the ultimate street skating truck, the curvature at the inner side of the base plate stops you from snapping boards. I'm over 200 lb and decks are lasting longer. This is my fifth set of GKs. I'm never going back.

Eric Preston
Loose trucks

They feel broken in from the start. Nice and loose ready for some slappies or some carves!!! Gonna have to get some clips with them!!

P.J. Lambert
Best damn trucks on the market

My first pair of trucks were grindking in 1995. I love everything about GK trucks which is why I bought 4 pair of them. Best damn trucks on the market hands down!!!!!!!!!!