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DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black

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Grind King’s return to skateboarding has arrived, introducing The Disruptor.

An updated design offering the lowest kingpin clearance with the classic Grind King inverted kingpin design.

This truck will take your grinds to the next level by providing smoother and longer grinds without kingpin hang ups.

The curved edge on the inside baseplate will help keep your board from breaking.

Inverted Kingpin Technology with a built-in washer / bushing system. Soft to Medium Bushings Installed.

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Customer Reviews

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Lucas Davis

DISRUPTOR Truck Set / Raw or Black


Stickers were bent and damaged during shipping. Kinda bummed!!

Griffin Groninger
The Only Trucks I Will Ever Skate Again

I have had indies, thunders, aces, tensors, and slappy’s in a variety of different sizes and heights and I cannot stress enough how the Disruptor is far and away the best set of trucks I’ve ever used in my 10 years of skating. They’re responsive but somehow stay completely stable even with my uncoordinated self while trying and failing to learn flat ground. They slide like a dream on coping and are fantastic on seriously crunchy curbs. The weight is remarkably light, the design of the baseplate on the kingpin side makes me feel like hanging up is damn near impossible when doing fakie rocks or rolling into a ramp, and the width is the perfect amount of just a little too wide for my taste when it comes to an 8.5/8.6 board. Because of GrindKing, I’ve gathered up most of my other trucks and am giving em to friends. I am absolutely praying that not only does GrindKing stick around for a long time, but that they reintroduce the Krepers at some point. I’ve already bought 4 sets of Disruptors, half in matte black and half of the flint-inlaid raw, and if the Krepers are brought back? Consider my checking account empty.


Elise J.
Great Trucks - Wrong Product Shipped/Poor Customer Service

No complaints with the trucks themselves, they were a gift for my boyfriend and he was extremely happy with them. My only complaint is that I ordered the matte black to match the new deck I bought and was shipped the raw metal version. Packing slip included with the package noted black so I know I ordered the right ones. I reached out to customer service with no response.

O.G. G.K.

Trucks seem great so far! I would be lying if I didn't say part of the reason I purchased these was influenced by nostalgia, but that said after having done so I'm glad I did. They are sharp looking and sharp turning thanks to the washer-less bushing system which is similar to bones hardcore bushings which these very well could be? I am still in the break in period for the trucks which isn't really much at all as they seem mostly good to go out of the box. I do notice that I seem to have to re-tighten the king pins occasionally but that is fairly typical of inverted kingpins and I believe will probably not have to be something I'll have to do very often once the bushings break in a little more. One thing I was a little confused about is why the disrupters only have half the baseplate curved unlike the old school GKs that had recessed corners on both the front and back of the trucks thus reducing board breakage on both the middle of the deck as well as nose/tail where as the new disruptor model only has the inside (middle of deck side) curved which is really not a complaint as much as a point to note. Really the one thing I dislike is how hard it is to find out where these trucks are being manufactured. The underside of the baseplates say "Venice" so as to lead one to believe it was made in California but then some reputable sources (shredz shop) state that all manufacturing has been outsourced to China? And I couldn't find anything on this website stating anything what so ever about where they are being made/built and that kinda is a little discouraging as that is why I no longer will be buying new independent trucks as they have moved all manufacturing to China which don't get me wrong I'm not just die hard MUST be made in merica' by any means, hell of Japan would come out with a truck I'd be first in line, but neither is it that I'm 100% anti China, but being there are still a couple companies out there making trucks in USA I would prefer those if possible. But other than that little discrepancy as far as the trucks go, ya they rip so far and I would recommend this product 100%!